Iphone: Brain Challenge


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    Iphone: Brain Challenge

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    Brain Challenge� Your ideal partner for your personal growth and well-being! Just like your body, your brain needs to exercise to stay in shape. Maintaining it simply involves completing little exercises without pain, stress, or boredom. That�s where Brain Challenge� comes in! It�s like a real vitamin boost for your brain. More than just a game, Brain Challenge is your personal coach and an entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert. For each question, simply touch or directly draw the correct answer on the screen. Enjoy turning your iPhone to arrange cubes by gravity in an additional, exclusive mini-game. With various fun exercises, train your brain whenever and wherever you want on your iPhone!


    A complete range of 25 mini-games testing and training Visual, Memory, Logic, Math and Focus.
    Develop your resistance through 9 stress-management mini-games.
    Relax in 9 Creativity exercises by exploring your brain's artistic abilities.
    Turn your iPhone to arrange cubes by gravity in an exclusive mini-game.
    Choose your favorite personal coach among two.
    Monitor your overall performance with detailed stats and graphs.
    Upload it to /Applications in your Iphone
    Open the folder created
    Find the app and change permissions to 775 or 777

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