TomTom Internal GPS Support N95 v6.02 S60v3


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    TomTom Internal GPS Support N95 v6.02 S60v3

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    TomTom Internal GPS Support v6.02 S60v3
    SymbianOS9.1 updated-BiNPDA

    Installation Notes :

    1) Install Run it. It should say "Device added"
    At this point you can also uninstall it - it is no longer needed.
    2) Install 2.GPSd.jar. Run this prior to starting TomTom
    3) Install 3.tomtom.sisx
    4) Copy the TomTom folder from the 0.Copy.To.MEMCARD.Root.rar to the root of your memory card.
    5) Run TomTom. Choose Yes when it asks you to switch on bluetooth. Go to Change preferences, Show GPS status, Configure, Other Bluetooth GPS receiver, and select the BiNPDA GPS.
    * You need to change the preferences every time you start tomtom. It won't remember that you were using the internal GPS*
    * If you need to switch from internal, to an "external" receiver, you may need )to click on "tomtom receiver", and then "other receiver" to get the list of devices again.
    Enjoy this Release.. Many Thanks to BiNPDA Team.
    1 : TomTom.With.Internal.GPS.Support.v6.02.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Crcked-BiNPDA.rar
    2 :
    3 :

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