Tutorial Speed Effect


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    Tutorial Speed Effect

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    1- Open a new document, make the background black and type your letters in white. Now press CTRL+E to reduce the layers to the background:

    2- Now go filters-blur-gaussian and set it between 0,8 an 1,5.
    Next we need filters-stylize-solarize.
    Then use image-adjustments-auto levels:

    3- Now go filters-disort-polar coordinates and choose the lower -polar to rectangular- radio button:

    4- Now go to image-rotate canvas-90°CCW.

    Next we apply filters-stylize-wind-from left:

    5- Now go to image-rotate canvas 90°CW.
    Now go again filters-disort-polar coordinates and this time choose the upper -rectangular to polar- radio button:

    6- Go to image-adjust-hue/satursation (ctrl+U) and check the "colorize" box if you want any color in it and adjust Brightness/Contrast:

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